About Us
Red Mountain Woodworking started as a one-man shop, but has grown into a thriving business.  Based in Apache Junction, Az, Red Mountain Woodworking has been providing quality millwork to contractors in Arizona for over 20 years!  We provide cabinets for any commercial project - hospitals, schools, banks, medical & dental offices, automotive.

Our experience, quality, and affordability have helped us grow and succeed.  
Our strong relationships with General Contractors valley-wide, and the reputation we have with architects has been vital to our success. At Red Mountain Woodworking, we value the importance of providing good customer service through the entire process.

Our Team

Thomas Hudson, Owner
Phone: 480-982-1963 Ext. 205
Email: tom@redmountainwoodworking.com  

Raquel Hudson, Office Manager
Phone: 480-982-1963 Ext. 200
Email: raquel@redmountainwoodworking.com

Sharon Gustafson, Estimator
Phone: 480-982-1963 Ext. 206
Email: estimator@redmountainwoodworking.com

We also have a wonderful group of people in the shop who build and install.
  • Custom Commercial Cabinets
  • Plastic Laminate Cabinets and Countertops
  • Solid Surface & Granite Countertops
R.O.C. CR60 287671
Our Services